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I'm a seasoned product marketer living in Santa Cruz. I'm quick on my feet and excel at product marketing and storytelling.

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Who am I?

Consider me an addict of all things digital marketing on the web. I have a high-level of energy, and a healthy degree of optimism, along with an ambitious spirit. I'm a strategist at heart with a focus on aiding companies to bring more humanity back to their businesses through digital mediums. By transforming data into a narrative, I'm able to provide actionable insights that make sense to both my team and clients.

As a marketing strategist, I see myself as a guide helping people and companies discover potent and original ways to speak about themselves and their work. This enables them to rise above the noise, increase revenue, and build a tribe around their brand.

I don't see problems as problems, I see them as hurdles ready to be jumped. "Thinking outside of the box" is really nothing more than creative problem solving - the ability to arrive at new solutions by looking beyond obvious or traditional approaches. 

Yet, I agree with Seth Godin on this point"Don't think outside the box, because outside the box there's a vacuum. Outside the box there are no rules, there is no reality. You have nothing to interact with, nothing to work against."

Questioning the often overused phrase he says, "You need to think along the edges of the box, because that's where things get done. That's where the audience is, that's where the means of production are available, and that's where you can make an impact."

He's encouraging us to analyze the boundaries, to find the razor’s edge between knowing and not-knowing, familiar and uncomfortable, certainty and hesitation. That’s what keeps things interesting – working to the limits of my ability, with that twinge in my stomach telling me I'm doing a high wire act and I could fall.

This is where I thrive.


My skills & personality are best described as:

  • PPC & SEM

  • Results-driven

  • Leader

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Curiosity

  • Copywriting

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • Problem Solving

  • Social Media

  • Ambitious

Hobbies: Coffee Snobery, Cycling, Crosswords, Reading, & College Football.

Heroes: David Ogilvy, Seth Godin, Ernest Hemingway, Kevin Durant

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