JD Prater | Growth Marketer | San Francisco

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I'm a seasoned growth marketer living in the San Francisco bay area. I'm quick on my feet and excel at digital strategies and storytelling.

Why is SEO Important?

First off, what the heck is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. But what does search engine optimization mean? It's essentially how your web page the natural or organic results in a search engine. For example, Google "JD Prater." What shows up is a list of web pages that I'm involved with (Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Twitter and this blog). This list of results is very important, because this how you, your brand, or your product gets found when customers are searching for certain words.

SEO is an art and science. It's a strategy to getting higher search rankings in Google, Bing or Yahoo. A person must understand what the search engines are looking for, how/where they are looking for it, and what steps they can take to influence those results.

Why does Google rank some web pages higher? I'm going to answer that question and add a few best practices to help achieve search engine success.