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Meeting the Man behind Chasing Ice

One Monday night, I got to share the stage with James Balog of “Chasing Ice” at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I gave a few brief comments about ACE’s work in Colorado, but the real highlight was meeting Mr. Balog.

This is a guy who knows all about discovering what's possible. Once a climate change skeptic, his experience with the Extreme Ice Survey provided him with the why - undeniable evidence of our rapidly changing planet. He captured the evidence in a documentary called “Chasing Ice."

We shook hands and thanked each other for the other’s work in the climate movement. He is a real class act and an excellent climate change communicator.

During his conversation with Professor Beth Osnes, she asked him how climate change is affected us right now, in Boulder. He replied something very similar to “if you’re breathing air, drinking water, eating food and paying taxes then climate change directly affects you.” His reply struck me as apt and on point. I know that climate change is abstract and hard to fully understand for most people.

Why? People experience the effects of a warming world when they are directly impacted by unusual and often extreme weather - drought, heat waves, super storms and wildfires.

I thank Mr. Balog and his team for sharing their why with the world, and going to some of the most remote areas of the world to show the effects of global warming.

Here’s the trailer for “Chasing Ice”: