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ACE & X Games Athletes Get Students Stoked about Climate Change

Several pro athletes took time out of their busy schedules to come present with me as well as sign some autographs. Presenting with athletes provided real context to how climate change is already affecting mountain communities that rely on snow to drive their economies, and what the future may entail for winter sports all over the world.

They even shared their DOTs (Do One Things) like using a reusable water bottle, eating local, utilizing public transportation, supporting companies that have good business practices, and biking instead of driving. Three lucky students got picked to come up on stage to say their DOT and receive a sweet The North Face t-shirt!

And the schools loved it!

By far the most inspiring event, however, happened post-presentation. After the presentations, we invited students to come up front if they wanted to start an Action Team. In every school, huge numbers of inspired students flocked to the stage eager to start an Action Team. At Eagle Valley High School nearly two-thirds of the audience (over 200 students) came forward ready to form a team. Even the athletes were impressed by how many students came up.

Sure, it was a little stressful coordinating the athletes’ schedules, but in the end it was all worth it. Witnessing all these students decide to take a stand to better their lives, schools, communities, and the environment became the highlight on my week. Sorry Shaun.