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Coffee Coffee Good Smell: A Review

The start of my addiction is hard to pinpoint. Do I start with those tiny sips of my dad's mug taken as a child? Was it  those sips that eventually lead to my unshakeable addiction? Or, do I  have some kind of genetic predisposition that has made me more vulnerable to becoming a coffeeholic. I know I started regularly drinking coffee (with a lot of milk and sugar) during my Junior year of high school. Within a year, I had weaned myself off the additives and was only partaking in "manly, black coffee." So when did it start? The answer is I'm not sure, but I do know that I'm loving the stimulation!

This brings me to today's review of the From Africa To Africa Red from Starbucks. I know what you're thinking but let me explain. My wife and I ducked into a Starbucks to escape a midafternoon rain shower. Upon entering, I mentioned that we were running low on beans so we perused their selection. My wife stumbled upon an East African blend for which Starbucks will donate $1 to fight AIDS in Africa for every pound purchased. Let me stop here and add that my wife my LOVES Africa (still an understatement). So being the good husband that I am, I snatched up that bag of beans and quickly paid for them. For all you naysayers, let it be noted that I frequent the local coffee shop, Peregrine Espresso, and they have some of the best baristas in the region. (Plus, their roaster was custom built in OKC). (Another cool local shop in the area Pound Coffee).

Moving along, here is what I gathered from the Starbucks website:


"Africa is the birthplace of coffee, and Starbucks has always cherished  the amazing flavors and aromas of African coffees.  And, with the  opening of Farmer Support Center in Rwanda, we’re working directly with  farmers to improve the quality and sustainability of their coffee for  years to come. As part of our ongoing commitment to give back to the people and communities that grow our coffee, Starbucks has partnered with (PRODUCT) RED™ to give $1.00 to the Global Fund every time you buy a pound of (STARBUCKS) RED coffee. This money will help to provide treatment for children and adults living with HIV, helping to fight AIDS in Africa. And that makes every sip better for all of us."

Let me start by saying that I grind my beans fresh every morning with a burr grinder (a very useful wedding present). The review: a floral aroma. Medium body in which bright citrus notes bounce off the tongue. Very smooth mouthfeel that showcases a great range of depth. Finishes with hints of spice and raw cocoa. A great morning coffee guaranteed to brighten your day. 4 Stars.

Coffee snobbery is a process. I remember in high school thinking that I had finally arrived when one of the baristas would give me or one of my friends a free cup coffee. That feeling of importance and belonging fueled my addiction and kept me coming back for years. I thank

Aspen Coffee Co.

for obsessing over their product and providing my palate with a quality foundation. Like any good addict, I will keep  coming back for more. I'm constantly searching for the best source to  get my fix, and I will continue to post reviews of the beans I'm grinding. If you have any suggestions please feel free to post  them. I am always eager to try some new coffee coffee good smell.

For You Coffee Geeks: