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Free Your Mind and The Rest Will Follow

This has been talked about for over a year, and I must be desperate if I'm finally doing this.

During those college years, thoughts could be expressed, expanded, argued, and changed all in one conversation. Since the first step is admitting you have a problem, here I go. I admit that I have become mentally lazy. As most of you know, working a full-time job doesn't always produce the liveliest of discussions. The reality is for most us going around the office asking people; "What implications do you think the Arab Spring will have on US foreign policy?" is not acceptable behavior or they don't care. (Unless, you have one those really cool jobs where this permissible, and if you do, know that I'm jealous and I hate you). This is not to say that I haven't learned anything new or broadened my horizons, because I have. What I'm getting at is that I yearn for those lively debates and the mental process of filing your thoughts into a logical conclusion. Thus, a blog.

My goal is to use this as an outlet to express some of my thoughts and get back into the habit of exercising the brain. As far as topics you can be expecting to see, I will be covering the Middle East, Arts & Culture, Politics, and Sports. FYI, these topics are broadly defined and by no means all encompassing. So don't be alarmed if I stray at times. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the ride and feel free to post comments. I do ask that you bare with me in the beginning as I try to find my niche and hone my acumen. In the mean time, I'm going to free my mind and hope the rest will follow.