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A Few Goodies

Happy Memorial Day or Is It?
"Sgt. Brian Keith boarded the plane home feeling a strange dread. His  wife wanted a divorce and had moved away, taking their son and most of  their bank account with her. At the end of his flight lay an empty  apartment and the blank slate of a new life." (New York Times)       

Sarah Palin Spotted on the Back of a Harley at the Pentagon 
"Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin rides into a motorcycle rally at the Pentagon wearing black leather and declaring, 'I love that smell of the  emissions!' It's an untraditional start for such an event, which is  usually highly orchestrated." (LA Times)

Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?
"Q: Do you ever feel the urge to pull out your smartphone while someone else is making a point in a conversation?"
Q: Have you ever felt that something hasn’t really happened until you post it on Facebook?" (Washington Post)

A Cyclist's Post-Crash Reflection on What Really Matters
"I was badly injured in a bike accident on April 13. Eyewitness reports  differ, but it's likely that a car ran over my head, and it's more than  likely that the helmet clasped around my head saved my life." (Grist)

Iranian Diplomat Charged with Spying in Egypt
"Egypt is expelling an Iranian diplomat who was briefly detained and  questioned on charges of illegally gathering intelligence for Tehran,  security officials said. Qassem al Husseini, the diplomat, was arrested on Saturday in his  Cairo home, after the Egyptian intelligence tracked his movements, Al  Jazeera's Ayman Mohyeldin reported. Husseini was charged with attempting to set up spy rings in Egypt and other Arab countries." (Al Jazeera)

Only in Oklahoma
"A homeowner told Eyewitness News 5 that after he returned from taking  shelter during a tornado outbreak, he found a horse that had landed in  his swimming pool." (KOCO TV)

Bored This Weekend? Looking For Something To Do?
Here are the rules to the Gary England Drinking Game and a Video to Get You Started!