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Teenager’s Invention Revolutionizes Solar Power Technology

TEN-HUT! 19-year-old Eden Full invented a rotating tracker that allows solar panels to move with the sun without the aid of a motor and won $275,000.  Pretty cool huh?

Eden's pilot project in Kenya
You see, while most solar panels require electric motors to track the sun, Full’s invention uses something else. She discovered that by using different kinds of metals and bamboo her tracker would actually follow the sun’s movement without the use of a motor. How cool is that? And what’s the name of this awesome tracker? The SunSaluter, of course.
But wait there’s more.  Her tracker doesn’t need a motor, which means it is cheaper to make and buy.  1/60th of the cost of a traditional tracker to be exact. Think $10 instead of $600.  That’s huge savings. Full’s tracker is also increasing the output of solar panels by 40%.  Plus, her technology is easier and simpler to maintain than an electric motor.  Did I mention it’s also recyclable?
Like most inventions, Eden saw a need and set out do something about it. And guess what: you can too.  All it takes is imagination and .
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ACE salutes Eden Full because she used her imagination and  to bring the world a cheaper, simpler, and sustainable solution – the SunSaluter.
How are you going to use your imagination and  to the change the world?
Check out Eden’s Story: