Founding marketer at a seed stage AI startup.

- Strategic Experimentation: In the dynamic, pre-product market fit stage, I lead targeted marketing experiments to refine our value proposition and messaging. This hands-on approach to iterative testing and feedback loops is critical for uncovering actionable insights that guide our product development and market positioning strategies.

- Growth Marketing and Validation: My role encompasses the strategic deployment of growth marketing tactics aimed at validating product assumptions and accelerating user acquisition. By leveraging data-driven methodologies, I continuously evaluate and adapt our strategies to align with evolving market dynamics and customer preferences.

- Collaborative Leadership: Beyond strategizing, I am deeply involved in the day-to-day execution of marketing activities, working closely with our product and sales teams. This collaborative effort ensures our marketing goals are fully integrated with product development, fostering an environment of innovation and shared vision.

- Market Insight and Impact: Through relentless testing, validation, and engagement, my contributions are instrumental in navigating Graft towards market resonance and sustainable growth. This hands-on, strategic focus is not just about finding our market fit but setting the stage for gaining traction with confidence.

Founding marketer at a seed stage AI startup.

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