AWS Activate


Hired as the first Global Head of Product Marketing for AWS Activate.

The AWS Activate Console is a personalized hub of tools, resources, and content tailored to your Activate members. Designed to support each member through every stage of their startup journey, from ideating to building and beyond, it’s a one-stop-shop that delivers the tailored solutions they need to quickly get started on AWS and grow their business.

  • Led a small team to implement the Activate global go-to-market strategy across six regions resulting in a 15% increase new Activate member acquisition and a 60% adoption rate of the Activate Console within three months of launch.
  • Collaborated with the startup marketing team, sales teams, and specific product marketing teams to champion the voice of the Activate customer, provide the market perspective, and serve as the liaison between product and sales functions.

I joined AWS thinking I needed big company experience. Ultimately, I learned that I thrive in a startup environment.

My main takeaways from my time are:

  1. the clarity of thought that comes from a writing culture and
  2. how the leadership principles are engrained in every decision.

My contribution

Launched Activate Console Created and implemented a global lifecycle nurture email series localized to each region

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