Recruited as the Head of Product Marketing for Quora Ads to establish the function and lead GTM strategy.


  1. Repositioning Quora Ads, defined our ICP, and updated messaging that contributed to tripling revenue YoY
  2. Refined our ICP and target account list for a tops-down sales strategy leading to a win rate and increased sales velocity
  3. Developed the launch strategy and tiering for new products and features
  4. Evangelized Quora, representing the company at industry events, webinars, and external meetings
  5. Executed consumer marketing campaigns strategy; create campaign themes, key messages, and story-arcs that told a cohesive product story
  6. Partnered with in-country leads on their marketing plans, inspiring and empowering them to bring brand & product narratives to life in a globally consistent yet locally relevant way

My contribution

Positioning, messaging, and market research Developed and executed GTM strategy Created launch process External evangelist

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